In full respect of the law, the reservation is subject to the acceptance of the conditions
described as follow:
Fire Prevention:
In the rooms is forbidden the use of irons, stoves and electric appliances with resistance, for 
heating or lighting, the use of the stove or hot plate not supplied to the rooms
Please have knowledge of the location of fire-fighting equipment present in the structure (fire 
extinguishers, hydrants, etc.)
in case of fire, come out of the room closing the door and go to the collection points
located near the entrance of the emergency exits and the bathing establishment
Guest access to the rooms is allowed only after check-in at the reception, in compliance with 
standards of public safety
Rooms can be assigned only to adults.
Children and minors of 18 years must be accompanied by their parents. In case of a minor who 
travelling with another adult is required a written authorization of the
parents with the attached copy of an identity document, to show at check-in time.
Guests are required to conduct appropriate to civil coexistence; there is no special clothing, as 
long as you will be observed the basic rules of good manners and public decency
Specifically in the break hours is required to avoid all kind of noises to disturbance of peace .
Customers with pets :We are confident on the awareness of the owner of the
animal’s behaviour in order to ensure that everyone can spend a peaceful holiday; if disturbing 
actions are caused that the owner of the animal can’t solve, the direction has the right to ask for 
an anticipated departure of the Customer, without any reimbursement of the days of stay not used.
Pets are not allowed to the bathing establishment and to the bar and restaurant areas;
in the common areas they shall be carried in the arms or on a leash.

Guest responsibility
Guests are required to a proper use of the rooms, furnishings and accessories;
damages and/or shortages will be charged at cost.
May be required to pay a cash deposit, which will be returned at check-out time, subject to 
verification of the room/unit used
In the absence of deposit, guest authorizes the debiting of the amount due for damages and/or 
shortages on the credit card used for the payment of the stay.

The processing of personal data issued in accordance with the obligation laid down in art. 109 
R.D. 18.6.1931 n. 773 (TULPS) requires us to register and communicate
with local public security authority the General information of clients housed.

As in the art. 13 of the Privacy Code, we hereby inform you that your personal data will be carried 
out also with information only for the purpose of implementing this agreement.
For more information you can contact the holder of the treatment, Bracci Alessandro, as legal representative de Società Turistica Argentario s.r.l.
It is not our policy to send printed material of any kind to the guests’ domicile
(greeting cards, pricelists, brochures etc), unless specifically requested.
Hotel La Caletta periodically sends the e-mail box supplied by generic offers; those who do not 
wish to receive such information may give notice by sending an email to the address stating "unsubscribe from newsletter".
E-mail addresses in the possession of the Hotel La Caletta will not under any circumstances 
disclosed or sold to third parties.
Confirmation Deposit
Reservations are valid only after confirmation by Hotel La Caletta.
If required, must be guaranteed with a deposit of 30% (minimum deposit required cost of first night 

- bank order to Società Turistica Argentario s.r.l. - Società Turistica Argentario S.r.l. – Bank Cassa di risparmio di Firenze - Agency of Porto S. Stefano - IBAN code IT61W 06160 72300 100000003601 - BIC SWIFT code CRFIIT3F
- by credit card number Visa - Mastercard - Postepay (with authorized charged) with specified name 
of the titular, card name, date of expire
Deposit shall be paid within 7 days of this confirmation form.
For late booking (next to the arrival day) please send us per e-mail o fax a copy of bank invoice
Failure to send deposit will result the cancellation of reservation
The rest of payment shall be done at check-in time.

Right of withdrawal without penalty:
The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract up to 30 days before the expected arrival date without paying any penalty and the hotel returns the deposit received.
The cancellation must be communicated within this deadline to Hotel La Caletta by fax or mail

In case of cancellation of the booking for which a deposit has been paid, Hotel La Caletta reserves the right to withhold the deposit in the following percentages:
- 30 days prior to arrival: no charge (the deposit is returned in full)
- 25 days prior to arrival: 15% of the total stay (the deposit is refunded for the difference)
- 20 days prior to arrival: 25% of the total stay (the deposit is refunded for the difference)
- 15 days prior to arrival: the deposit is charged in full.

Insurance against cancellation penalties
It is possible, and advisable at booking time, to stipulate an insurance against costs resulting 
from the cancellation of the reservation
The insurance shall run from the date of crediting of the deposit and up to the date
and hour of expected arrival at Hotel La Caletta; if not specified, the time of arrival shall mean 
the 15.00.
The insurance is valid only if signed in the meantime of reservation and totally
covers penalty charged to the customer for any cancellations of bookings for stays of at least 7 
nights. Insurance coverage concerning the room only and not the number of occupants. It is not 
insured and is non-refundable insurance premium.
The insurance premium amount to the 5% of total stay
Ex: 7 night in August booking for one Doubleroom Comfort
- total stay Euro 1.540.00 (7 x 220,00);
- insurance premium Euro 77,00 (5% di 1.540,00);
- deposit Euro 462,00 (30%) + Euro 77,00;
- in case of cancellation, refund of Euro 462,00
Failure of the structure
In case of impossibility to provide accommodation services confirmed, if the customer does not 
agree to be relocated at a nearby structure of equal or higher
category, the structure must return the double of the deposit. In the case of
relocation the expenses for the transfer to another structure and any difference of rate shall be 
burdened by the Hotel La Caletta

Check-in and Check-out
The rooms are delivered from 14.00 on the day of arrival and must be left free by
10.00 on day of departure. If you request and given the availability of the room/unit before the 
estimated time of arrival on the day or over time on the day of departure, the structure may 
require an additional payment.

The payment:
The payment shall be effected at arrival in cash (for a maximum amount of Euro
2999.99), by credit card or bancomat.
Any extras or charges of any kind due will be paid on departure. To guarantee these amounts can be required to pay cash for a deposit which will be refunded upon departure, minus the amount due. In the absence of security, the Customer authorizes the debit of the amount due on the credit card used to pay for the stay.

Early departure:
If the customer anticipates the departure date will not be conceded any refund for stay not enjoyed
Law reference
The report is governed by rules of law and customs in hotels, residences and RTA of the Provincia 
di Grosseto.
Any dispute concerning this agreement or related to the same – including those
relating to its validity, interpretation, execution and resolution – will be subject to 
conciliation in accordance with the procedure laid down in the staff regulations/rules of 
Arbitration and conciliation of Grosseto.
The arbitration will be conducted by an independent conciliator appointed in accordance with the 
abovementioned articles of regulation. The parties undertake to have recourse to conciliation 
before any judicial or arbitral proceedings, and this
regardless of the value of the dispute.
The customer, in making a booking, integrally the policy of Hotel La Caletta as above